About this Project: 

Warren County Electric completed the SCCAD Headquarters project, a new, ground-up construction encompassing 140,000 square feet, designated for office use and vehicle maintenance/storage facilities. Completed within a 12-month period, this project exemplifies our dedication to delivering complex constructions efficiently and to the highest standards.

Project Specifications:

    • Electrical Service: Powered by an extensive 3000 amp service to meet all operational requirements efficiently.
    • Backup Power: Enhanced with a 650 KW diesel generator, it ensures continuous power, adding to the facility’s reliability.
    • Electrical Distribution: Designed with 6 main distribution panels and 30 subpanels, our electrical infrastructure supports efficient and effective power distribution.
    • Lighting: The installation of over 1500 lights creates a well-lit, energy-efficient work environment.
    • Low Voltage Systems: Incorporating cutting-edge low-voltage systems, including lighting control, access control, fire alarm, audio/visual, and data systems, to ensure a modern, secure workplace.

    Warren County Electric’s role in successfully bringing the SCCAD Headquarters project to fruition within the projected timeline, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards, underscores our exceptional capabilities in managing and executing large-scale construction projects.

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